sunnuntai 27. maaliskuuta 2011

Our team!

Our team: Teemu, Pauli, Santeri, Taru, Sara, Sonja. Antti, Joni and Henri.

torstai 10. maaliskuuta 2011


Yesterday we visited Etappi, refuse dump. We were told about recycling here in Seinäjoki area. The most interesting thing was the big pile of carbage.

Here You can play the game Etapin Arvoitus; lets play!

maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Cold mornings

It has been very cold here in Finland and Ylistaro. This morning it was -25 C, at Teemus home it was -28C! So You can belive, it takes quite much energy to heat our homes and school.

We have lots of snow, so we can make snowballs, we can ski and skate. But when it is more than -15C, we rather be inside the house :)

sunnuntai 23. tammikuuta 2011

Homework in November 2010

Homework for all the classes 3.-6. was to calculate the amount of electrial eguiment.

There were more than 1500 electrical devices in the 21 students' homes.
Each family chose the most useless electric eguiment. They were such as Playstation and the radio.

In the class the electric toothbrush was selected the most useless .

Antti Kettula ja Henri Mäkinen

Newspaper Ilkka 16.10.2010

There was an aticle in the newspaper Ilkka on 16.10. and a litlle later in Pohjalainen about our energy project and and the way we save energy.

The article told what we have learned. There were many pictures of the pupils, too. The third and fourth graders also gave tips on how to save energy, for example switch of unnecessary lights, don`t use electrical eguipment unnecessainnly, regulte the use of water.

Pauli Punkari ja Teemu Kaksonen

During September and October

We have measured tempeatures.

In our school there are 12 different measurement points. Temperatures have fluctuated between 20C-26C. The school`s appropriate temperature should be about 18.

We have counted the temperatures of the batteries thermostants in the classes. The school classes are ventilated during the lunch breaks. and that is good thing!

Sara Kortelainen

September we study water things

We studied water things in september.

We measured that washing hands takes about 1,5 liters water. If we add up all the water used to wash hands at our school, we use quite a lot of water, about 31,5 liters.

We have also counted the price of the water we use. It was a surprise that sewage is more expensiv than clean water. We have understood that the sink doesn`t have to be at full filt.

Sonja Holm